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The crystal Black Box effect

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The Crystal Black Box effect seams to rise now.

High Gloss touch switched surfaces became quite common over the last few years but we can still experience the hype about it and there seems to be no peak visible. Touch switch everything no matter what. And APPLE with their multitouch is one of the leader. I don’t know if they were first but undoubtedly they do know how to merge software and hardware to a perfect user experience.

EXTRACT - LED - TweezersIn 2005 we developed LED Tweezers together with marktunddesign.  To avoid additional handling behaviours, Iexperimented wtih different sensor technologies. The result was a touch switch that produced a WOW effect that I would call the CRYSTAL BLACK BOX effect.  We realized  sensor field which is invisible and applicable on any even 3D shaped injection molded transparent surface. One is how we did it, but much more interestingly and what still amaze me is how people react on that effect.

If you have a common touch surface this is made on a nearly opaque material, like I-Phone. But if you pull the curtain away and you let people look through and let them see… nothing – to see there eyes as they are entering wonderland is great. And it stayed great and a piece of magic over the last years.  Now I am very happy to see the LG GD 900. It seems that the crystal black box idea made it into mass production and I am keen to see how these applications and effect will be further on developed.


A quick chronic (please let me know about further applications into that or other directions):

In 2005 we (Bayer MaterialScience and marktunddesign) realised illuminated full plastic tweezers mainly made out of Makrolon(C), called EXTRACT. The magic within was and is that the light is just switched on while you touch the crystal clear thick material tweezers legs. No switch nor sensor visible, a crystal black box.

2007 the Rinspeed EXASISsupported by Bayer MaterialScience had this feature transferred into the HMI Dashboard.  Electronics were done by KABA ident.

Now 2009 the breakthrough of this idea, LG launches its beautiful LG GD 900 with a Crystal Black BOX TouchPad. I am very happy to see this.

Besides to that there are several other resistive touch pad applications out there which I haven’t mentioned here. E.g. look on google for TIPPit, they produce switches on glass with (i would guess ITO).  Interestingly even if they are already on market for years i can experience a trend now.

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The CafeHunter from DownUnder

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a friend of mine just has released a great initiative for all traveling aliens out there who love to drink coffee but are very afraid of getting nearly killed or fully disappointed by a AntiMateria Black Hole Worp 9 Coffee or a black tea like something which is usually produced while cleaning the machine.

I am a lazy coffee drinker, so i don’t stand in my kitchen and juggling around with steam, pressure and water filtering and milk foam during the right moon phase and so on. But never the less i like a good coffee. And so Donald and his new will help me one day in a far out land to keep me alive.

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Video Paintings – Ambient television, from video art to screensaver

as flat screens become bigger and bigger and media becomes more and more alltime around us the question comes up which role this large screen will take besides direct infotainment.

Besides to the question if we should run a large flatscreen for low information impact functions this part combined with media art could be transformed into something that someone could call it the next lava lamp and others would call it the natural home of the new forms of art which are so difficult to digest in a normal exhibition beneath all the paintings.

the link below guide you to an article a -> link

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Video ART channel _ souvenirs from earth

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here is a very nice tv channel. you can access this also via web and connect directly to their webpage which gives only a small view onto their contributions.


as i heard they are at the moment in search for more possibilities to bring this contend to more screens.

At the moment it is available in France and Germany only. quite sad.

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Enrique Muda _ think and smile and think again

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You should have seen this guy at DMY Berlin. He is a burning super nova of creativity.  His style always has a good twist of a message that guides you and helps you to think differently or see things differently.  His work is somehow a prosthesis to us who just only look on things in only one direction and wakes us up.

And he does that without using the approach to shock you. It is more that he use his fun and make fun out of you and all of us. Great.


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Saroskop _ Art Media Installation VISUALIZE EM Fields

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A few months ago I had the chance to see this beautiful installation by Martin Hesselmeier and we talked about his installation and the things unseen made visible for more than one hour.

look at his overview on saroskop and his further work -> link

His installation is a nice thing, it generates its own choreography of sound and movement and balances symmetry and chaos. Even more impressing was as visitors recognised their impulse with their mobile phone on this installation how they immediately started o interact with it. A mobile service provider would never generate such and instantaneously interaction but the would like to achieve it.

People who never met before were asking each other for their mobile phone number just for the purpose to send out a signal to someone. but not to send a message, no to drive a third thing in the room, the saroskop.