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Webdesigner Depot

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Sometime it can be really a pain to see all these great infographics and don’t really have any kind of talent to generate something so beautiful like this.

Instead I am sitting in front of my notebook and playing death by PowerPoint.

On the other hand I really don’t know if I can imagine how much work one of theses beauties take. I would guess that only little of my colleagues would reward the time which is needed to generate such a great infographic because it does not look like hard to read so it should also be easy to generate. I guess this is a terrible wrong guess. :)

If someone knows a good tweak how to make some simple beauties. Please let me know.

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Susanne Philippson @ IMM 2010 Cologne

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Susanne Philippson is a very creative and powerful Light Designer from Berlin. She is a very energetic person. And beyond to that she really brings a lot of good ideas to reality.  

Now I received the invitation below to her talk at the international furniture fair in Cologne next week.  

Susanne Philippson, cordially invites you to the 2010 Interior Trends lectures during the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair, organized by the German Design Council.  


On Friday 22nd of January Susanne will hold a lecture on the theme of Light&Colour and current tendencies in lighting technologies.  

Location: Pure Village Hallo 3.2 at 12.30 and 3pm  

I hope to see you in Cologne,  


best regards.  

Susanne Philippson  


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Armchair Concept _ Membrane molded polyurethane product

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Joscha Brose hat gerade sein Diplom fertig gestellt.

Hier die Kurze Projektdarstellung auf der Uni-Seite -> link

Dabei ging es darum auf Basis von Textil-Spannmaterial einen Formkoerper zu erzeugen, der eine komplex funktionstuechtige Bauform erzeugt. Ergebnis ist ein Sessel.

Ich hoffe den Sessel auf der IMM 2009 in Köln sehen zu koennen.

Dabei ist auch hier die Denkweise aehnlich wie schon bei GINA.

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Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain

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WildCat2030 brought me on this very nice interview by Jonathan Zittrain. He is talking about threats and opportunities of The Internet of today and tomorrow.

Great insights and so many good balanced issues.

Have a look on FORA.TV

If we talk about the internet of Things and about how we interlink ourself via the internet and creating new crowd opinions and knowledge already today this talk gives some good PINGS to start some thoughts.