Profession vs. Skills

There are so many design definition discussions going on right now and to be honest all the time. Let’s open up the focus a bit more. How about the definition of engineering, science, creative industry and all this stuff these days? Which kind of value do the old profession names have in times where designers […]

Design Society by Mateo Kries

I was very happy to read the interview with Mateo Kries about his new book and his insights on design. I had the chance to talk with him a few times and to see him in lively discussion about senseless design. So I really appreciate his opinions even if they are not statistically proven, which I don’t […]

Humanize technology

Peter Drucker expressed an idea which I found quite shocking. „Technology is not nature, but humanity. It is not about tools: it is about how people work. It is equally about how they live and how they think. There is a saying of Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer – with Charles Darwin – of the […]