A passion for innovation.

Loving innovation in a broad sense while focusing on people’s needs. Build processes and seed ideas to create value for and within complex multi-stakeholder systems. Use the available resources and love to turn depressing threads into fun bringing opportunities.

Innovation does not stop at 5pm and not after leaving one or the other position. Finding robust solutions to issues is key driver for me everyday.

After fascinating years in future innovation, design driven new product development and social media marketing I got interested into the question how to maintain a prosper living for our future 9 billion people and how to cope with the fact that consumption naturally creates waste which needs to find a valuable purpose (which society in fact still needs to improve on).

This topic has created various segments in my daily doing which is part of but also more than my day job.

In my day job I recently got the chance to jump into the role as the porject leader on the topic Marine Litter at PlasticsEurope. This is an amazing job. And besides the honor to contribute to reduce Marine Litter it receive a totally new insight into what and how to develop solutions in a human to human environment.  My role is called Environmental Affairs Manager at PlasticsEurope.  I lead two multi-project topics, in particular Marine Litter Solutions at Europe’s Plastics Producers Association.

In my spare time I contribute to technology research where I explore various angles of technology research and the trial to build an open innovation community called OceanAwe. It aims to develop technology prototypes in the area of marine environmental protection technology.


In the past I led the social media initiatives at Bayer MaterialScience for almost two years and I have a five years experience in market pull innovation management where I developed various future application concepts. In addition I created and lead the global DesignPlatform, a design-driven-innovation service concept which links design and material to drive market success on both sides of the counter.

I started my professional career with various rather short assignments at global companies like Philips, Henkel KGaA and MANNESMANN DEMAG Energy & Environmental Technologies in Germany and Hong-Kong.

Usually while working for one of those companies I studied and received a University degree in mechanical engineering and a degree in design (service design, design for manufacturing, productions technologies).


In my private time I am also :
Chair person of the Connected Generation Special Interest Group at the European Institute for Industrial Leadership, 2012 and 2013.

Or I just relax with friends on our mountainbikes somewhere in the forests near to Cologne.





Actual position

Since 03.2013
Environmental Affairs Manager at PlasticsEurope (seconded from Bayer MaterialScience AG). Project Leader for two multi-project subjects, core subject Marine Litter Solutions in Europe.

Vocational career / development

07.2011 – 03.2013
Lead Social Media Manager at the Bayer MaterialScience AG – Communications, global responsibility in strategy, tactics and actions.
10.2006 – 07.2011
Innovation Manager (design network) at the Bayer MaterialScience AG (BMS) – Corporate Development – New Business – Creative Center
Mission: Discover, design and test B2B processes to create strategic measurable value in the relation between BMS, the design sector and customers in the global value chain for today and future markets.
Activities: Business process development which linked design driven innovation with BMS own business infrastructure. Development of innovation interpretation tools: e.g. design driven ideation projects (VisionWorks Award – people in motion); creation of customer centered material services for fragmented influencer groups (e.g. BMS-SampleBox); daily material, technology, value-chain & design consulting (consumer goods, furniture, transportation); leading own developments from first feasibility study to license out (Moss-Carpet); cultivating an active external industrial designer community and the internal ‚Design Network‘ team driven by strategy, goals, budget and milestones monitoring; initiating and supporting diploma theses and trainees as well as student group projects; lecture activity with changing contents on fairs and international congresses.

Results received Awards (if communication award 2010, nominee of the German design award 2012) and are mentioned in books e.g. Roberto Verganti’s „Design Driven Innovation
For further details feel free and have a look into the projects section on this blog.

02.2006 – 10.2006
Innovation Manager at the Bayer MaterialScience AG – Corporate Development – New Business – Creative Center, responsible for the flagship program „Light & Optic“.
Activities: project management, production cost oriented re-engineering of EXTRACT – LED-tweezers, production of 10k sets followed by an out-licensing to „moree“ and were honored by a promotional gift Award in 2008.

10.2004 – 02.2005
Design and build a visionary headlamp prototype for Philips Automotive Lighting.

11.2003 – 09.2004
Intern at the Henkel KGaA, department of technological development in Duesseldorf
Activities: CAD reverse engineering of packing lines

12.1999 – 07.2003
Student research assistant at the faculty of engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen;
Design and engineering of steel structures, followed by FEM analysis; CAD lectures

11.08.1998 – 25.01.1999
Project engineer for Mannesmann DEMAG Energy and Environmental Technologies in Hong Kong, renovation of an ash handling system in a coal power plant owned by „Hong Kong Electric“ (HEC).

23.06.1998 – 28.02.1999
Technical draftsman at Mannesmann DEMAG Department of Power Plant Components and Systems Ash-Handling

Education / Training

Graduated in Design at the Köln International School of Design (KISD); core subjects: Design Management, Service Design, Product Design
Main-Topic: Mass-Consumption in a Low Carbon Society 2030
Sub-Topics: Holography (holographic surfaces as a tool for enhanced product appearance and experience) ; Design Service Platform (creation of a service model for a new customers group)

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering with a University degree

05.2005 – 12.2005
Diploma at Bayer MaterialScience AG – New Business – Creative Center
Task: Project Management – development of illuminated plastic tweezers (EXTRACT LED-tweezers) from the idea to the small series (1000 pieces), supported by marktunddesign.
Activities: Establishing an internal and external development and manufacturing network; plan, support and coordinate all development and manufacturing steps; detail constructions and FEM simulation; patent application; first business model evaluations

10.2001 – 12.2010
Studying at the Köln International School of Design (KISD),
Focus areas: Product Design, Service Design and Design Management.

08.1998 – 01.2006
Studying at the faculty of engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

01.08.1996 – 22.06.1998
Trainee as a technical draftsman at Mannesmann DEMAG Energy and Environmental Technologies

01.08.1995 – 31.08.1996
Civil service in the youth hostel Bad Honnef

Achieved the general qualification for university-entrance at the Otto-Hahn Secondary School Monheim




06.10.2011 marcus evans, Industrial Design Summit 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland


02.07.2010: Design and Innovation, by Design Continuum, Milano (program under preparation)

08.04.2010: Kh Berlin Weissensee GreenDesign

23.03.2010: openhouse @ designaffairs, read report here

2009: Future of Global Product Design Conference __ KHM (Academy of Media Arts Cologne) __ VDID Köln

2008: Werkstoffzentrum Rheinbach __ IHK-Neuss __ Euromold __ designaffairs

2007: Hannover Messe __ GBG Senior Design Conference Barcelona __ Design Zentrum Bremen

In the Press:


2008: Janus – Concepts and materials for future communication products

2007: VisionWorks Award „people in motion“, K2007

2006: EXTRACT LED-Tweezers

Further / Recreational interests

Strange movies, watching media art, riding on my mountain-bike, hiking, old-cars, dancing in a loud club, fiction books about distant or imagined countries, a good long talk and a good exploratory meal.