Creative Industry Reports _ focus design

The variety of existing Creative/Culture Industry/Economy reports is already large but they are sometimes hard to find. So I would like to provide you with a collection of available reports. Please add further reports if you like. I will add them to this article. 01:  On March 2010 EU has release a report about the […]

Enrique Muda a serious funny artist from BARCA

I love this guy. I have seen him in Berlin at the DMY and all the time i visit his BLOG or his new WebSite his works make me smile. His playfullness and catching a short thought and translating it into a nice playfull installation which never overweighted. I could imagine that his results are not […]

Video ART channel _ souvenirs from earth

here is a very nice tv channel. you can access this also via web and connect directly to their webpage which gives only a small view onto their contributions. ->link as i heard they are at the moment in search for more possibilities to bring this contend to more screens. At the moment it is […]

Enrique Muda _ think and smile and think again

You should have seen this guy at DMY Berlin. He is a burning super nova of creativity.  His style always has a good twist of a message that guides you and helps you to think differently or see things differently.  His work is somehow a prosthesis to us who just only look on things in […]