Humanize technology

Peter Drucker expressed an idea which I found quite shocking. „Technology is not nature, but humanity. It is not about tools: it is about how people work. It is equally about how they live and how they think. There is a saying of Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer – with Charles Darwin – of the […]

IDEO's anti Climate Change Project

Ideo has a website to envision the future how world during climate change could look like. It is a large site with lots of insights. They are running a contest at the moment where people older than 18 are asked to contribute with a movie about the future. Thanks for that. IDEO Climate Change WebSite

Future Ambient Life

I found this video about: A Vision About Ambient future Life. Thanks for making this great video. really a nice one. Very sleek design. Very cool colors close of being odd. But a great future animation.

The new kinds of scientist in socialmedia era, Gen F

David Bradley just released a great article about the paradigm shift in science in the era of social media. article @ sciencedirect This is a great article. At the moment most content is about the question how to use social media for marketing and fully overseeing all the other effects in social media like the […]