End of resources

Cool Infographic about the end of our resources. What do you think? Is this one valid? It was created by Armin Reller „University of Augsburg“ & Tom Graedel „Yale University“. It origins from here.

IDEO's anti Climate Change Project

Ideo has a website to envision the future how world during climate change could look like. It is a large site with lots of insights. They are running a contest at the moment where people older than 18 are asked to contribute with a movie about the future. Thanks for that. IDEO Climate Change WebSite

Future Ambient Life

I found this video about: A Vision About Ambient future Life. Thanks for making this great video. really a nice one. Very sleek design. Very cool colors close of being odd. But a great future animation.

CORDIS released 2025 report compilation

CORDIS … have released a huge compilation of different future reports. This gives a great insight into different aspects what the opinions are at the moment.  From my background i would say you don’t need to read more into that direction if you have put an eye into this. Link to PDF_Report

2025 by prognos

The Prognos AG has released a new 2025 report.  They do not mention further and bigger downturns while SPIEGEL online (? or was it STERN) discussed the possibility that we are starting into a volatile era. PROGNOS Studie