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On Frog Design I found a very interesting discussion about the future of design.


Interesting because it talks about both sides.  Design is everything or everything is design and design was and will be only one part of the orchestra. And this piece has also gone its way of commoditization as engineering and other professions.
Design Thinking was and still is a good thing to talk about but as coming from engineering, all sounds quite the same. With a bit different flavor and perspective of use though.  So who is the owner of … SixSigma,Agile,DesignThinking, GoalOriented Design Process etc. ? Is that relevant? Or shall we just need to completely discuss on a different level and refocus our core of interest.
Here is the Design Process for UXers or D-Thinkers , which I agree on is a good one. http://fredzimny.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/13998/ . And than you face the the claim by http://www.designsojourn.com/design-thinking-is-killing-creativity/ that,  to much narrow process kills creativity. True. But…
Thinking, process, get things to an end, efficiency, effectiveness, incremental vs. radical vs. eruptive, creative.
But how far are we while talking about this in defining design, engineering, business economics, chemistry, etc.
Krippendorff wrote: Design is about „what should be…“ and science (engineers) tell you „what is“ and the rest is nearly the same.
Future and Past and between a common process as a language to even have the chance to talk with each other to transfer the „what should“ into a world „what will“ or „what is“. So why are we so narrow to claim a process to a profession and skills. I wrote something similar here

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