Generation Google and low depth thinking

There are several studies and discussions going on about the point that fast broad online searching e.g. for your studies has a bad consequence to our ability to realy go with our thoughts into depth.

Interesting is the fact that not only the emerging generations are effected.  Also the ones who should know better and have learned it before are delearning or are pushed into this behaviour by their surrounding.

Quantity vs Quality. Can repitition and recombination of existing generate something new? I would say yes because this would be a typical viral behaviour. But not so much the old way of research as we would have liked to have it. More a brute force method. But if this generates valueable effects, why should it be bad. But this would lower the impact of some few scientists and once again would require the power of clouds. Hm, if i look into so many forums where you try to search for expert know how or some advice it doesnt help you to find huge amount of words if all this words have the same information with in.  Two times drilling with a 4mm drill does not generate an 8mm hole.

This is from the new ACM Mag (have a look at page 18-19) -> link

This is a previous study form last year which is realy great. ->link

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