Humanize technology

Peter Drucker expressed an idea which I found quite shocking.

„Technology is not nature, but humanity. It is not about tools: it is about how people work. It is equally about how they live and how they think. There is a saying of Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer – with Charles Darwin – of the theory of evolution: ‘Man is the only animal capable of directed and purposeful evolution: he makes tools.’ But precisely because technology is an extension of human beings, basic technological change always both expresses our world view and, in turn, changes it. ‘Information’ itself is both analytical and conceptual. But information is the organizing principle of every biological process. Life, modern biology teaches, is embodied in a ‘genetic code’, that is, in programmed information. Indeed, the sole definition of that mysterious reality ‘life’ that does not invoke the supernatural is that it is matter organized by information. And biological process is not analytical.“ – Peter Drucker , Essential Drucker

I like Mr. Drucker although he is always a bit to industrial, to cold but very strict with his words. And I do not have a fully agreeing or positive feeling when I have read something from him. But due to his words I was remembered that in times where we search new paradigm shifting sustainable strategies, that we lost two connections.

One is quite obvious and often said. The connection between us and nature.

But technology, all artificial stuff that is around us is made by one of us. But I do not have a feeling that it is a part of me, me as a part of human beings. It is the elongation of my man kind continuum which has reached out and covers the nature under itself to protect the weak part against wild life. But do I feel satisfied with so much around me which is me. I should be filled up with pride everyday I look around me. Man kind has extended so much. Their is much said about NBIC about the convergence of Nano, Bio, Info and Congno-Science to make us „better, stronger, fast…“ like the six million dollar guy once said in the 80s. With all the bubble of man mad cars, roads, food in principle we are already far beyond that. Wow! That should make me feel much much more extended, spread out and interwoven into the world.

But I do not feel like that. Why? Why do I lost connection, identity to all that great stuff around me. Is it because it was not made by me or bought by me? Because it was bought by the neighbor whom I don’t like?

If do not feel connected to it as it would be my daily extension and amplification.

Quite sad. We exploited so much resources in the race to make ourself better and feel more complete. But we didn’t succeeded and now resources start to run out but we didn’t found a wise path out of it.

And it is even more sad as I would bet that we all would not have a big problem to consume less if we would feel more connected to all our stuff. If we would feel all that man-made materia around us belonging to us it would scare us for the mountain high responsibility we could feel. If I would feel all the consequences I cause positive and negative ones I would not need my logic to kick myself to consume less and I would not ask myself all the time if I did good today. Could you imagine a hyper connected run with your stuff (perhaps a MTB) through the forest? Me my modified continuum and the forest which lets me know that I am a guest only. Wow! That would let me shiver. Interestingly I was just on the trail yesterday and yes it was very cool..

As designers we choose the task to humanize technology. I would say we need to welcome back what is us and feel responsible.

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