humanoid moores law

we are all day long thinking about improving our communication density.

is there a limit?

We are always thinking about the end of Moore’s  law concerning the technologies and applications that are around. And now the hardware faces a hurdle. or it seems to be that way unless we find new paradigms of technologies to go one step further.

But i read a very nice article by richard powers. in this article he was writing about that technology has become so so strong and is far far away from what it was a few years ago. interestingly human kind hasn’t changed in interrelation and being at the same speed.

It seemed that there was a vacuum of social interaction and data consumption. So the new technologies came into our world like water on dry earth, was sucked up and lead into growing flowers of consumption.

But can it be that we are facing a point of saturation or even decrease. How much of all this data flow are we really capable of. we need to reflect all this stuff. and this is the already one of the problems as  there are already studies about the GOOGLE generation that has already changed so much its consumption behaviour in a way that real deep reflection does not take place.

Twitter, Facebook, New in Town, CouchSurfer, Study VZ, Google, Skype.

So many possibilities of high frequency communication all of them are facing into the direction of acceleration of frequency and lowering the depth if meaning at the same time. When are we that close to flat-line that we are only communicating pings? Funny stuff like „Anstubsen“ . I don’t talk to you i only smile at you. this is enough communication?

With our five senses there are very limited data flows possible and our brain as the major processor and filter builds a huge hub to channel and filter all this stuff.

And most serious we only have ten fingers an. Year ago the industry already said that speech to text will come. When? Will it help. What is the real intentions, are the real intentions behind what we do there? Where there? As i said before. It seems that the technologies around us are feeding a need where a vacuum was years before. Social interrelationship, recognition, reputation. Me, my own superstar. And we all follow that. But are we already now far beyond that vacuum. IS it cured? And how far are we spamming us by our own communication consumption. Interestingly some of my friend start to leave facebook. A point seems to reached where some people reflect and ask them self about the value they generate by the time they spend.

And twitter, facebook and all the others. What do they really produce? are they just a bit of that methadone that somehow gives you the illusion that your friends are close by while you have left the home city because someone in the system of work life told you to do so?  Or can you use to really improve your friendships? Sometimes it is good for organizing true but are the hopes becoming fulfilled? I have the strange feeling that the industry will face a certain wave of people how could to ask this question more and more.

And how big is this bubble?  Where was the break even line between social quantity and quality?

Perhaps we find new solutions for new ways to play the games of social interrelationship.

Or we come back to real live because real could be more green, more sustaining, more real and immanent. If we could prove that direct analog living with our improved know how could build new solutions. perhaps a live with less digitiality would be even more rich than what we ever had before and because the old vacuum came up.

We will see.

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