MIXED REALITY : Interface design is back to the physical world

I am quite excited. Perhaps this is just nonsense or generic to you but i tried to grasp some things into one quote.

At the moment a huge shift in media design is going on.

Media discovers that they can play a role in shaping physics.

Which mean that a huge group of designers which never played a real role are now bringing more and more their ideas into play in driving physical innovation.

I see new wording and argumentation flows are coming up.

As Sascha Peters will speak at VISCOMTEC ( I will meet him one day after) and once again VisualCommunication and Physical Materials are converging. We spoke about it several times very excitingly about it. And if i see the stuff from AI or KHM i would say that several profession are runnign very fast towards each other.

Very nice words about RFID  http://www.nearfield.org/

Interface design after years of vitalisation into button less touch screens the push is coming that programming is demanded to deform materials.

Several talks start be around the issue that software becomes hardware.

And Mr.Toussaint from designaffairs is starting to hold lectures about this new trend. Perhaps we just leave the BUZZ about user Experience Design or we are just now entering.

And some universities are exploring mixed realities with so simple tools that i always must smile about their great achievements:

Some of the ideas are even more NON-Physical while others are bringing tactile feedback back. As information flow over an extra sense (touch) can lead to higher data and interaction frequency and a density that slick screen can do today.

Touchabel Holographies and Topographic Displays.

The WII plus projector technology plus eap plus soft surfaces are really shifting the boundaries of imagination very far further

Sixth Sense:  http://www.pranavmistry.com/projects/sixthsense/

Touchable Holography :  http://www.alab.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~siggraph/09/TouchableHolography/SIGGRAPH09-TH.html

Deformable Topographic Displays with PU FOAM:   http://www.silkehilsing.de/impress/blog/

The GINA was only a first small passive step.

And breathing architecture are a large sign of 3D animation and second live are entering our physical world and exploring their viability like the ones from rem kolhaas.

While the feedback loop was hardware first and than software.

Software and interaction media is taking over the lead and is more an more build the consequence called HARDWARE.

Not very new. Because if you take a look we are already doing it for a while,

but i see that the specialists are starting to reflect and that their abilities and influential loop come to their conscious like NEO has seen the truth for first time in Matrix. (to pathetic?)

they are building up a new kind of thinking models and argumentation flows.

Which could lead into different applications, user experiences and developing processes soon.

We are entering a phase of huge exploration in that field. The exploitation is not yet there even if we think that WII and IPhone was already something.

Lead conferences for driving new hardware could be more software/media conference like ARS Electronica , SIGGRAPH and not CEBIT

Hardware is just follower or supporter. Providing possibilities but not telling the function or application.

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