New Materials for the Creative Industry

In European region High Tech clusters and the Creative Industry density deviation show a significant parallelity to each other.

But why is that? Do they have a value generating relationship to each other or is it just because the universities and cool cities are just around the corner?
To achieve a business success with a new product new technologies and new designs plays its value generating role. But both fields don’t act isolated to each other. New Technology enables a new design and new design communicates a new technology. LED in car lighting is cool and was sign of premium. But the led technology was also designed so it looked premium. I guess this relationship is quite classical already.

More difficult to answer is the question of relationship if we turn the drivers around. Does design drive the development a new technology? But how does a prototype would look like? An Adobe After Effects pimped fake video is quite fascinating no doubt but does it have the impact to drive technology innovation? This would mean a new design articulates a new technology (pre-sell it) and is articulated by using old technologies. Can a new technology be generated out of its resulting insights? Than design would be the driver for technology developments. If so which examples can be given? And how can processes be re-design and rated?
It can! Look once again at Star Trek. They designed a fake world and some of the kids at that time became engineers who are still envisioning new technologies based on old fake design artifacts. But the process looks different. And timeframes are longer. So the designer who asks for a new material paradigm will not receive it across the counter at the next day, week or month. It takes decades. So this innovation path is much more difficult to display and to measure.

Yes, Design and technology development have a close iterative relationship. And due to the 7th Framework program of the EU different innovation experts from both sides were invited for two days to Brussels to throw a spotlight onto the relationship between technology and creative entities and how both sides see their impact onto material innovation. This led into the final discussion of the potential role of the EU and its 7th FP.

As one result a workshop documentation was generated which is available at the EU server.

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Star Trek = Home Theater Forum

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