A New Social Media Portfolio for Bayer MaterialScience

Role: Social Media Manager
Date: 2011 – 2013

1000 Fans at Bayer MaterialScience

In 2011 Bayer MaterialScience a B2B company producing high performance materials interest to start social media for its business. I developed a strategy, adopted guidelines, consolidated all already existing channels into a structured set of channels and piloted several campaign to validate the set direction. Until today all channels have grown, please have a look on Bayer MaterialScience Website


Hologram Technology to virtual surface depth in Products

Role: Desktop Research
Date: 2010

Design & hologrphay used for Products

RGB Holograms record reflected light, color and space in Fourier transformed wave patterns and could bring great added in consumer products. Their biggest benefit is to produce the impression of depth at place where volume is occupied by a tight technology packages. I created an evaluation if and to which extend holograms could be used to influence product appearance in a positive way. You can read the full documentation on Scribd.


Floating Horizon – Reducing the cost to monitor e.g. marine litter

Role: Project Lead & Developer
Date: 2009 – today


Taking particle samples (plankton, organic or pollution matter) from ocean surface is a resource intense task. A vessel, diesel, manpower etc. are needed to go the extra mile across high waves and through strong winds putting people and material at danger. Recent years has brought several developments in remote navigation allowing to build devices which could be launched near shore or at the beach and do their mission autonomously. Floating Horizon started as a final design school project and has developed into a website pooling own ideas and 3rd party concepts or existing solutions around the topic of collecting debris or matter from ocean surfaces. For more information please take a look at


Role: Project Management
Date: 2007 – 2009

The SampleBox was developed to create an effective dialogue about material solutions between internal material technicians and external product developers and to spark solution ideas while having a new user experience in mind. The SampleBox contained more than 40 material samples made of different Polyurethanes and Polycarbonates. The SampleBox was used by Business Development and Marketing with great result but also during education programs at schools. The product received and IF Design Award and got nominated for the German Design Prize.


Communicator 2020

Role: Tutor
Date: 2008


Together with Nina Winterstein we worked on a concept about communication products of the future. Nina Winerstein went through nearly all stages of future scenario development and merged her insights with future material roadmaps. As a result besides to a large future scenario study she developed several mock ups to let you experience the benefits of a possible future solution. Have a look on the video from the TV format 10vor10 which also shows her mock ups called JANUS as it can change its face and its character into two directions. We had nothing to do with the NOKIA dream you can see first though. I had the honor to work together with Nina Winterstein on this project as her process tutor and her stressful counterpart. I love the result. It is two steps away from today and technical feasible in the future. The mock-ups even if the are quite simple let you feel the huge consequence generated by litle deformations and are pointing into the same direction like the MIT concepts.



Role: Project Manager
Date: 2006 – 2008

MIB Milano 2008_4_opt

Based on polyurethane foams and a special textile fabric Bayer MaterialScience has developed a carpet which feels like a forest floor. The new floor covering´s viscoelastic properties not only offer a high level of comfort, but also reduce the strain on joints and limbs. This opens up potential applications for sports, the workplace and physiotherapy – at supermarket checkouts or in gyms, for instance – in addition to those in the home and commercial and public buildings. Kymo GmbH will produce and market the carpet under the trade name PURE MOSS. (taken from a Bayer press release) We started 2006 working on this idea together with Mr. Klünter a German interior designer. He is a very creative person I highly recommend to meet him one day. It took us several trials to define the right mixture between textile and polyurethane layers. If you do it right you have a magic feeling. Very comfortable. During our journey we met KYMO carpets which brought the project on a higher level. This is also a great team of young inspiring people. Today they produce this product under license. I wish them great success. Patent number: EP20080017612


Future Living 2030 – Scenario Update

Role: Subject Matter Expert (Future ICT)
Date: 2007

Futur Living 2030 by Future_Bizz

The FutureBizz Network is an open innovation network where we work on far future topics together with several other companies. One project was to lift our base scenario study from 2020 to a 2030 perspective. Because of my previous „Communicator 2020“ and other activities I contributed in the field ICT future development by scouting and analysing all kinds of available data related to this topic.


VisionWorks Award 2007 – „people in motion“

Process Creation and Project Management

VisionWorks AWARD Ceremony

VisionWorks Award - Jury members

Based on Bayer MaterialScience – New Business – Creative Center’s future scenario study „Future Living 2020“ we organized a cross design school award. The design agency Frackenpohl Poulheim supported us as a consultancy for organizational steps as well as creating all needed layout work.  Beyond the theme „people in motion“ we provided a large information set like briefing papers and our scenario study . The focus was to enable the students to ideate on as much profound data as possible. Five schools participated, 90 first ideas were generated and 28 Mock-Ups were delivered for the final jury session. Jury members: Constantin Grcic, Prof. Lutz Fuegener, Nicola Stattmann, Thomas Edelmann, Mateo Kries, Monika Brandt and Michael Golz. The Award Ceremony took place at K’2007 plastics fair in Düsseldorf.


EXTRACT®- LED Tweezers

Role: Engineering & Project Management
Date: 2005 – 2006

EXTRACT - LED - Tweezers

Based on a concept by Sunil Arora, Bayer MaterialScience gave the task to develop a material representation show piece that should be produced in small to middle quantity. The design and construction was mainly done together with the design agency marktunddesign. Besides to the project management, further steps like FE simulation, sourcing, technology prototyping and assembly was done by me and together with my friends in my flat. Until the end of my diploma 1000 tweezers were manufactured. Further on one patent was filed and I achieved my employment as an Innovation Manager in the Creative Center at Bayer MaterialScience. The distributor „moree“ won the „Promotional Gift AWARD 2008“ with a further developed version of EXTRACT-Tweezers. Patent Number: DE102005049446A1


The future of Automotive Lighting – Philips

Two semester long term student-project at KISD
Final Result "TRON-Headlamp"

Philips Automotive lighting gave us the task to envision near future automotive headlamp concepts based on actual technology trends like Xenon and LED. After several selection processes three concepts were selected. Each team in the project-group had the task to realise a full running mock-up. The mock ups were shown at the ISAL – Automotive Lighting Conference 2004 and at further shows around the world. Basic Idea of the first concept was to decrease size a much as possible in contrast to allowing even more lighting functions. The physical mock-up concept was inspired by the movie TRON and the idea to generate a design language out of the typical circuit board routing style.
Ibuky inspired Auto Headlamp Concept for Philips


Fast Generic Production – Rapid Prototyping

Benchmarking trials
Date: 2003


Rapid Prototyping has & is inspiring many people to push boundaries what might be possible in future products and their production. I spend several month with desktop research and personal trials to get a feeling for this new and very fascinating approach to generate products without any mold.

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