Material SampleBox

The Bayer MaterialScience – SampleBox

a material evaluation tool for design driven innovation

As shown in the video made by MAZDA (please see below and jump to time-stamp 1:19) fast broad material evaluation provides a first physical foundation and sparks inspiration during the first stages of new product developments. Bayer MaterialScience decided to provide a tool for this purpose. Together with Jan Schroeder (today minds and makers), Tilla Goldberg (golden planet) and various others we developed and produced a lean multi media (samples, print and online) information setup. I had the role of the project manager and to deliver 1000 sets on time at cost.

Since several years it serves as a daily tool in education and consultation workshops in our labs, at schools and at our customers everyday.

With almost 50 polycarbonate and polyurethane samples the website SampleExplorer (discontinued 2013 due to company website relaunch) and the limited edition of the physical Bayer MaterialScience SampleBoxes have become serious partners during the material evaluation as they cover nearly every application purpose with various mechanical properties. To create this result the SampleBox development team consisted out of various technology, marketing and design experts e.g. the service designer Jan Schroeder, Product Design Firm GoldenPlanet (concept and product design), solo TM (screen and print design), myself (full project management) and several of Bayer’s material experts. The if Award 2010 and the nomination for the German design award 2012 underline the quality of this team result already but to watch the youtube video and to see how Mazda’s designers are using the SampleBox is a great proof for me.


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