Some exploration with smart materials and interface design

Students in the Graphic Design Practicum class worked with Bayer MaterialScience to create interactive prototypes. Students included Brandon Bayer, Marcus Mullins, Jenny Shaddach, James Hovell, Sam Kojiro and Jake Zucker. I do not have further infos, but you can see that there is a flexible textile in use. So I guess they use some sensor in it […]

Armchair Concept _ Membrane molded polyurethane product

Joscha Brose hat gerade sein Diplom fertig gestellt. Hier die Kurze Projektdarstellung auf der Uni-Seite -> link Dabei ging es darum auf Basis von Textil-Spannmaterial einen Formkoerper zu erzeugen, der eine komplex funktionstuechtige Bauform erzeugt. Ergebnis ist ein Sessel. Ich hoffe den Sessel auf der IMM 2009 in Köln sehen zu koennen. Dabei ist auch hier die Denkweise aehnlich wie schon bei GINA. GHTime Code(s):  

The crystal Black Box effect

The Crystal Black Box effect seams to rise now. High Gloss touch switched surfaces became quite common over the last few years but we can still experience the hype about it and there seems to be no peak visible. Touch switch everything no matter what. And APPLE with their multitouch is one of the leader. I don’t know if they […]