Creative Industry Reports _ focus design

The variety of existing Creative/Culture Industry/Economy reports is already large but they are sometimes hard to find. So I would like to provide you with a collection of available reports. Please add further reports if you like. I will add them to this article. 01:  On March 2010 EU has release a report about the […]

KOREA Design Institute about Creative Economy

The Korean Design Institute did a great job to create a short research overview which countries are biggest players in design. This is a great quick intro for your bosses who do not have time to read. 🙂 Link goes first to ICSID where they hav talked about it. -> link GHTime Code(s):  

Creative Economy UN Resource

I still my doubts if it was that wise to collect different professions and call them the creative industry as for example ART and Industrial Design generate very different results for different purpose and different „customers“. To deconstruct the surveys and to select only one profession is a pain at the end if you want […]