Humanize technology

Peter Drucker expressed an idea which I found quite shocking. „Technology is not nature, but humanity. It is not about tools: it is about how people work. It is equally about how they live and how they think. There is a saying of Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer – with Charles Darwin – of the […]

Future Ambient Life

I found this video about: A Vision About Ambient future Life. Thanks for making this great video. really a nice one. Very sleek design. Very cool colors close of being odd. But a great future animation.

CORDIS released 2025 report compilation

CORDIS … have released a huge compilation of different future reports. This gives a great insight into different aspects what the opinions are at the moment.  From my background i would say you don’t need to read more into that direction if you have put an eye into this. Link to PDF_Report

2025 by prognos

The Prognos AG has released a new 2025 report.  They do not mention further and bigger downturns while SPIEGEL online (? or was it STERN) discussed the possibility that we are starting into a volatile era. PROGNOS Studie

Future Trends 2025 / US Report

The NIC (National Intelligence Council) has released a trend report looking towards the year 2025. It is a more darker picture about the future but from my personal point of view quite realistic. So the consistency of this picture is quite good. Follow this LINK to download the report GHTime Code(s):