Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain

WildCat2030 brought me on this very nice interview by Jonathan Zittrain. He is talking about threats and opportunities of The Internet of today and tomorrow. Great insights and so many good balanced issues. Have a look on FORA.TV If we talk about the internet of Things and about how we interlink ourself via the internet […]

Web 3.0 _ does social media generate emergence ?

Interesting article by Venessa┬áMiemis about the effects of twitter. Link But what is the difference that will keep twitter alive as second live didnt sustained? At the same time i found a sentence quite interesting stating. Social Media’s emergence is generated┬áby selfish interests of individual human beings. which does not mean that this is an […]

Twitter facebook _ the chinese parallel universe

Just a quick thought. As coming from germany I recognize that all my friends and also I have started to talk in english on Facebook and twitter. Sometimes a bit strange. Even here I write not in my mother tong, German. And that is not because I perform so well in that. This is quite […]