The new kinds of scientist in socialmedia era, Gen F

David Bradley just released a great article about the paradigm shift in science in the era of social media.

article @ sciencedirect

This is a great article. At the moment most content is about the question how to use social media for marketing and fully overseeing all the other effects in social media like the potential for open to closed innovation models, data gathering, trend scouting.

The different in using Twitter for scouting as I can see it today in comparison to other data mining methods. You don’t see all but you get an impression on the frequency. You can roughly estimate how many are out their talking about one topic and you can experience how many message are coming in. This is much more valuable for your gut feeling than just asking Google and then see dead data lay around.

Twitter brings dynamic into information and makes it a social dynamic thing.

SocialMedia is killing search.

It is like the difference between an excel sheet and a dynamic information graphic build with flash. And the reason why no one cares much about a LCD-Watch in comparison to an analog one. You get more informations between the line.

And as Knowledge is the only resource that becomes more while being used, knowledge need to be out there and doing ping-pong in a high frequency if we want to achieve and would like to overcome the actual technology hurdles. Social Media is the chance to bring science back to human beings.

The last few years we said it is not necessary to know all as long as you know where it is written down. This will be substitute by the new rules of social media soon.

E.G. as Bill Gates said at his TED Talk, we need to search for solutions coming close to CO2 ZERO. Crowd Source Science by Social Media can be piece in the puzzle.

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