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Just a quick thought.

As coming from germany I recognize that all my friends and also I have started to talk in english on Facebook and twitter. Sometimes a bit strange. Even here I write not in my mother tong, German. And that is not because I perform so well in that.

This is quite strange as we also infiltrate our private live with a language that we are trained to speak during our business time. Hey, its weekend. But be honest, i do not want to write about something that could be of relevance to a bigger audience. Which bigger audience? Ok, I have some I know in england and us. But coming from that point that i try my best in speaking a common language to connect to as many people as possible form different cultures as possible it made me think that his is perhaps not the only strategy one can run on the web.

Where is the big asien crowd???

We are still talking about the force coming from russia and perhaps there is still a chance of risk. But in times where knowledge is all where is the big crowd coming from asia, africa, india? Where are they on twitter? Do they hide? I guess not and i have a bit a feeling of imbalance.  Call me naive but we are all dreaming of an open source culture where we could save a lot of work energy if we try to be more a community and not competitors and a huge crowd is missing to agree on that vision. That is a bit mad and unfair. I do not want to wake up with new frontiers and misunderstandings due to lack of intercommunication.

A bit asymmetric.

How many of us can read mandarin or japanese letters?

How many of the asien community can read our threads? Nearly all asien twitterians?

738,257,230 Asien internet user

252,908,000 North American internet user

418,029,796 European internet user

Data source LINK

Top 10 languages


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