VDID meeting Cologne – Speach of Sascha Peters

I was at a the VDID Designers Monthly Meeting Cologne with a very nice dinner outside in a nice garden.

This meetings takes place once per month organized by Ms. Laubstein (VDID) and Mr. Beeh (ex- director of Material Connexion Cologne).

At this meeting Sascha Peters, Material Expert of Modulor, held a talk about actual material trends and how designers are driving material innovation. He is is also one of the authors of Materials for Designer sort of books.

He introduced a new book called smart surfaces, should come out soon. There a huge collection of actual new materials is carried together. A book with a lot of materials and very short introductions per material. So a good starting point for a broad research.

He also talked about the new ideas how MODULOR will transform itself form a Material Expert for Architects to a Material and Projects Service Provider for Professional Innovation Projects (i would call it like that). With some material handling services and further project research advice services. I guess this will be working out good as I know Sascha Peters form several discussions we had. He is a real driving force and always looking to improve and develop something.

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