It was and is often mentioned and I will do so too just to record it for myself.

There are several YingYang relations in business and innovation. First I was just looking for one article that i like much because it has some good references in it to go further. 

And on the same page i found Mr. Nussbaum talking about his version of YingYang but which also has something to do with business balancing.

Like Market Pull and Technology Push always is.

Mr Nussbaum on Business Weeks Online about the YingYang relationship between Culture and Technology. „NYT: Seeing Customers as Partners in Invention“

Venkatesh Rao about Ying Yang relation between Marketing and Innovation.

 Frog Design Leberecht has also a nice thought about it

I found this link afterwards which plays out some nice interrelationship between Mr. Verganti’s Design Driven Innovation Idea and the links mentioned before.

  • So we have customers who are not human beings,
  • we have a relationship of marketing and innovation, and culture and technology,
  • and a design driven innovation approach which says that for eruptive innovations you need designers as interpreters and not the customer.
  • What if we throw them all into a well membraned system.
  • Do we have than what 3M calls it a nice Central Innovation Center?
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